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The Chillca Community

In this remote location, where agriculture is practically impossible, villagers have long specialized in herding and breeding llamas and alpacas, and have focused their economy and way of life on raising these animals. Distance away from urban centers has allowed the people here to preserve many of their traditions and daily customs, including their dress, music and dances. The women of Chillca have also maintained a rich tradition of producing Andean weavings that feature unique patterns and vivid colors.

“The native community of Chillca is one of the settlements nearest to snowcapped Mt. Asaungate, the fifth highest mountain in Peru. Mt. Ausangate is considered a sacred mountain in the cosmological vision of the Andean people”.

The community of Chillca is surrrounded by one of the most beautiful natural landscape in Peru, and perhaps in the world. Culturally, Chillca is extremely rich, and it's a perfect place to connect with nature and with the traditional Andean way of life. The villagers are proud of their cultural identity, and happy to share the richness of their fascinating world with travelers. Welcome!

Chillca Lodge

Back in the of the Incas, "tambos" or shelters built for travelers existed all along the Inca road network. Like the inca tambos, Chillca Lodge is one of four mountain lodges along the Apu Ausangate Trail.

On this extraordinary hiking experience, travelers share with the local people, accompanied by their llamas, and hikers can rest comfortably at our ideally located ecolodges.

Chillca Lodge was built in 2006, although its construction took close to four years, due to its remote location and climate. It is located below the Quencomayo glacier valley, at 4,350m. above sea level, near the Chillca community, It's an ideal place to acclimatize and immerse oneself in a high-altitude Andean valley. From the lodge, you can enjoy spectacular views of the Mt. Hatun Hampa and of a beautiful glacial valley, criss-crossed by a river and filled with hundreds of the community's grazing llamas and alpacas. Many species of birds and the sparse but unique Andean vegetation complete the gorgeous panorama.

Capacity for 16 guest

8 double rooms and 2 simple rooms

Private bathrooms with hot water

Lighting with candles and solar lamps


The location of Chillca Lodge offers great advantages for travelers. The highway ends near the lodge, from where it's a 20 minute walk. This makes it a perfect place for families with small children, or for those not wishing to hike long distances, yet who want to enjoy the amazing beauty oh the high Andes.

Chillca Lodge offers travelers a number of authentic and fun activities, in the midst of Andean native culture and in the heart of Peru's Andes Mountains. From the lodge, we can organize short hikes to nearby lakes, where you'll enjoy magnificent views of the Vilcanota Range, and where you can observe the local flora and fauna.

We also offer activities together with the local villagers, such as traditional weaving workshops, shearing the wool of the llama and alpaca camelids, and seeing how patatoes are grown in some of the highest farming plots in the world. Horseback rides are also available. At night, the spectacular, star-filled Andean sky present you with the best possible opportunities for stargazing.